At Shade Tree Lawn & Landscaping, we are not only a company that will keep you lawn  and landscape healthy and looking beutiful, but we also offer FREE advice and tips thru our website.  Below are a few of our suppliers as well as helpful information for common N.J. lawn problems, native plant species, common pests and other useful information.  If you would like a FREE no obligation estimate contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Some helpful links, products that we use as well as industry tips and advice. 

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Techo-Bloc pavers


Capitol Pavers


Trees and Shrubs


Trees and Shrubs


Stone and Mulch


Fertilizers & Pesticides


Common Weeds:

Rutgers Agricultural (common names of weeds) (images of common N.J. weeds)


Tree and Shrub Information:


New Jersey Native Plants, Listed By County


Deer Resisent Plants 


Harmful Plants


Pests to be on the look out for:


Gypsy Moth Information


Asian Longhorned Beetle


Common Lawn Problems:


Lawn Fungus


Dollar Spot




Chinch Bug


Why to Aerate your Lawn


Answers to Common Questions:


Common Fertilizer Questions & Answers


Lawn and Garden FAQ's


Check List Before You Hire a Lawn Care Professional


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